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B2C Bundle Guide

You signed up for ChatGenie, welcome onboard! Now, it’s time to create your Mini App online store. We know it can get a bit overwhelming, but don’t fret. Consider this article as the ultimate ChatGenie setup guide containing all the information you need to know to create your very own Mini App online store.

So, how can you launch your online store?

Well, there are two easy options: you can either do it yourself or ask one of our ChatGenie Experts to do it for you!

Option A:
Self-Onboarding - If you want to set up your Mini App online store yourself, it’s pretty simple. To make it even easier, we’ve created a video to guide you through the process. Watch it now to find out everything you need to know about launching your own Mini App. You can start by signing in here: https://chatgenie.ph/login. Keep reading to find our comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating your own online store.

Option B:
Hire a ChatGenie Expert - If you’re short on time and can’t set up your Mini App yourself, you can reach out to any of our accredited ChatGenie Sales Partners here. Trust our ChatGenie Partners to help build and grow your business with a Mini App online store. With skills in marketing, design, and development, our ChatGenie Sales Partners are here to help you succeed.



First, go to ChatGenie and click on the SIGN UP FOR FREE button. You can sign in using your email or sign in with Facebook. After signing in, choose what Facebook Page you want to connect with your ChatGenie Mini App.

chatgenie.ph  home page

ChatGenie log-in page

After connecting your Facebook Page, click on the MY MINI APPS Dashboard and click the CREATE MINI APP button. You can choose between two product bundles: the eCommerce B2C Bundle or the Shopify Bundle.

Choose Service Bundle

If you already have a Shopify store, choose the Shopify Bundle so you can instantly migrate your Shopify store content and start selling on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, GCash, and more. Read more about migrating your Shopify Online Store to your ChatGenie Mini account with the Shopify Bundle Guide here.

If you don’t have a Shopify store, choose the eCommerce B2C Bundle and continue the steps here to create your Mini App Online Store.

After choosing the eCommerce B2C Bundle, you will be asked to
Customize Your Mini App. You can use this portion to personalize your Mini App as you please. You can change your App Name, Greeting, and Welcome Message here.


After customizing your Mini App, you can start adding categories and creating products. Differentiating your Categories can organize your products and help customers find exactly what they want to buy without having to browse through all your offerings. You can either create categories and upload products while creating your Mini App now or later on, through your ChatGenie Dashboard.

To do this, simply go to CATEGORIES AND PRODUCTS to add, edit, or manage your details. Start by creating your first Category here. Click ADD IMAGE and choose what photo to use as the banner photo of your category. After, add and edit the name and descriptions of the category. Once you’re done adding an image, category name, and description, you can continue to create your products for that category. Just click NEXT to add a product and input its details.

Add a product and provide a product image, name, and description. You can also add more product details by using the PRODUCT VARIANCE feature portion to indicate information like price, size, color, and more. Choose one that applies to your product on the option name, write the specific values beside it. Below you need to fill out the prices on each value, the price difference between the base price and the actual option value should be added. For example, if the base price is P20 and the medium size is P30 pesos, please input P10 in the field for the medium size as an additional price.

You will also have an option to require the products to be added upon check out by ticking the “Add this to cart every transaction” as shown on the screenshot below. You can also indicate if products are limited or unavailable right on your dashboard. All you need to do is turn the product off and on as you please. You can continue to add more categories and products on your ChatGenie Dashboard. Click on CATEGORIES AND PRODUCTS and choose between Categories and Products to edit and add them as well as add more details in the Add-ons/Upsell portion. Upsell other services or products like gift boxes, sauces (for F&B), and the like with this feature.

Once your Mini App is launched, your customers will be able to browse through a live catalog of the products and categories you’ve added here.


After adding categories and products, go straight to configuring your Cart Settings and Delivery Areas. Managing the cart settings will help you designate your delivery area, adjust your shipping fees, and set your minimum transaction amounts. To do this, go to the Cart Settings page to enter your chosen details. You can limit the delivery coverage of your business, set Delivery Fees, and even offer Free Shipping with certain amounts spent here. If you’re selling digital products, simply click YES so customers won’t need to input their delivery details.

Continue to set up your Delivery Areas. Go to your dashboard, click on Cart Settings, and choose Delivery Areas. The Delivery Areas setting, by default, is blank for nationwide delivery. To limit your Delivery Area, click ADD, specify your chosen region and city, and enter your desired Delivery Fee. If your store chooses to offer Free Delivery and other promos, just add them in the Cart Promo under this setting as well. You can also add the amount and choose Promo Type here. You can also choose to activate third-party delivery options like Grab Express in this portion by checking the box for Customer Initiated Shipping.


For promos, go to the Coupon Codes portion of your ChatGenie Dashboard. Make your own promo codes by simply clicking ADD to create your promo code. Input the promo value or amount, usage limit, start and end date, as well as the start time, and end time. Once your code is created, you can instantly start sharing it anywhere. You can also track all your promo code data on your ChatGenie Dashboard.


You can now select from our wide range of Payment Options here. Manage your payment options here and activate your chosen payment options:

1. Manual Payments via mobile bank apps - This means that the customer will have to leave your Mini App, go to their respective bank apps to make a payment, then send you a screenshot or proof of payment to confirm the payment.

2. Online payments - With this option, the customer will no longer have to transfer apps to pay for their order. Instead, they will be redirected to the bank apps or GCash app just like with other shopping apps. This means that ChatGenie will collect payments for you and will be disbursed to your bank account. For disbursement details, kindly fill up the registration form on the page.

3. Payment Gateway - You can also use your PayMongo details directly by syncing your account in this option. By choosing the Payment Gateway, you will no longer need to get disbursements with our weekly cycles but get them via PayMongo directly.

Note that the Cash on Delivery payment option is only available for the Manual Delivery option.


We’re nearly done. Now, you can select team members to help you manage your Mini App Online Store. Go to the General Store Manager and assign team members to help you manage your Mini App. Make sure that your chosen managers are already admins of your chosen Facebook Page and add their respective email addresses. Don’t forget to use the email addresses registered to their accounts. They will soon receive an email inviting them to be an admin to your Mini App. Once accepted, they will get a confirmation email that they have successfully registered and are now ready to manage the Mini App.


After you’ve set all your Mini App configurations, you can finally click Launch Your Mini App. Your Mini App Online Store is ready! Easily add, delete, or edit any of your online store configurations or products on your ChatGenie Dashboard. You can also use your ChatGenie Dashboard to track all your real-time sales, transactions, and data throughout any sales channel.

Congratulations! Your ChatGenie Mini App Online Store is good to go. Good luck!

Still have questions? Reach out to us at m.me/ChatGenie and we’ll fill you in on anything else you’d like to know. You’ll be a ChatGenie master in no time!

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