Offer flexible, credible online payment options with BPI Online

Increase your conversion rates with BPI Online payment options.

How does it work?

With the BPI Online payment option, customers no longer need to manually input their credit card details.

Guaranteed checkout sessions

  • The customer will have to place the order first before proceeding with the actual payment process. This implementation will make sure that the transaction is already created in case there’s an issue with redirecting to BPI’s online payment facility.

Two-factor authentication

Account details stay secure with the 2-Factor Authentication system that requires passwords and OTPs via SMS.

No more screenshot requirement for BPI account holders

  • After placing an order, customers can proceed to the payment process made easy with BPI Online. In case of payment timeouts and redirection, orders will be saved before payment to keep the customer from redoing the process.

What else do I need to know?

Similar to BPI Fund Transfer Fees, a Payment Processing Fee of ₱25 will be charged per transaction.

Online Payment Partner


Online Payments Fee

Activation Fee

BPI Online

Business documents for Know Your Merchant Compliance

₱25 (₱15 goes to BPI and ₱10 goes to ChatGenie)

FREE using ChatGenie’s MID / ₱5,000 if Merchant has their own MID

What do you need to activate this feature?

For Know Your Merchant compliance, you need to submit business documents such as:

How much do you charge for this feature?

Just ₱25.(P15 goes to BPI, ₱10 goes to ChatGenie for integration, disbursement, and support cost)

Do you have any activation fees?

It’s FREE if you’re using ChatGenie’s MID.If you’d prefer to use your own MID, we charge a one-time activation fee of ₱5,000.

BPI Payment Disbursement Process

BPI Online payments are disbursed every Monday morning. Merchants will receive a Google Sheet of their transactions made with the BPI Online Payment Option. A Disbursement Fee of ₱25 will also be charged.

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